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iPatient is a suite of documentation and communication tools for healthcare providers. Designed by doctors, perfected by IT professionals, iPatient’s easy to use, customizable, mobile enabled solutions are used in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices nationwide. 

iPatient works for physician groups of any size and can also be easily implemented in large hospital systems. iPatient SignOut improves communication and patient safety. iPatient Charge Capture improves financial results by eliminating lost charges, increasing coding efficiency and shortening the revenue cycle.

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iPatient was designed by doctors for doctors, and integrates seamlessly into hospital systems and provider workflows. iPatient improves HIPAA compliance, revenue management, and most importantly, patient safety. 

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With iPatient’s Resident SignOut, residents record patients’ status and treatment in detail, practicing good documentation skills and supporting improved patient safety. Attending physicians can monitor residents’ work and patients’ progress.

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Nurses have different communication needs from doctors. iPatient SBAR is the first software of its kind, a digital SBAR solution specifically for nurses.

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Getting started with iPatient is easier than you might think. The tools are web based and accessible from any web browser and many mobile devices. We customize iPatient to fit your workflow and the needs of your department, institution or clinic. Most implementations take less than a month, and many take as little as a week. iPatient’s architecture means that it does not require a lengthy installation process.            

iPatient is used in over 20 hospitals

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